About the AED Framework

The Assess – Evaluate – Develop (AED) Framework is designed for project managers, policymakers, research practitioners and anyone involved with research and planning.

It is structured around six elements that help to establish what a research and planning exercise is designed to achieve, how, where, when, why and for whom.

The framework has emerged from a global review of research and planning resources. It was developed in response to the increasing number of overlapping terms, concepts and techniques being used in assessment, evaluation and development leading to inconsistencies and lack of understanding. The ultimate purpose is to enhance evidence-informed practice.

About the Research and Planning Cube

cube0The Research and Planning Cube acts as a visual aid to support implementation of the framework.

It is built around the first three framework elements of research purpose, theme and timing.

Depending on requirements, it may be appropriate for a research assignment to cover all of the mini-cubes, e.g. to provide a project-lifetime monitoring and evaluation framework. Alternatively, only some of the mini-cubes may be considered necessary.

In Practice

cube2Most of the research and planning needed to support evidence-informed practice can be achieved through nine separate tasks or exercises which can be completed before, during and/or after the project in question.

These individual tasks can then be reported either as standalone sections or merged into an overall set of findings.

A summary of the nine exercises is presented below:

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